About Us

PS Plastic Store is a group of companies established in 2008 and has been operating as a leading plastic packaging products manufacturer in Pakistan. Over time, PS Plastic has become a powerful brand and a market leader. We have also had the honor of sustaining stable growth for almost Five decade now.We are a reputed organization that is engaged in the manufacturing, supply, and export of packaging products ranging from polyethylene and polypropylene to shrink films, carry bags, agricultural films etc. We have a modern, integrated unit setup to manufacture high quality plastic packaging products. Building on a wealth of expertise and knowledge, we have evolved to serve the needs of a variety of customers and industries.

Our Mission

PS Plastic Store is well aware of its responsibility to society and the environment. Wherever possible, waste material is recycled, as are other production materials that do not meet strict quality standards. Raw materials and suppliers are selected using environmental criteria and products are designed to meet not only clients’ requirements but also to minimize their impact on the environment.PS Plastic Store is aware that every member of the staff needs to take responsibility for implementing environmental policies. The company keeps employees informed of environmental matters and initiatives, encouraging active involvement at all levels.The company is committed to minimizing its energy use, for example, by investing in low-energy technology for its manufacturing systems.